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Kerklaan is specialized in various installations for the horticultural industry. We supply and install the following horticultural installations;

screening, heating systems, automation,, lighting systems, growing systems and gutters, buffer tanks, water systems and concrete floors.


Screen systems
Kerklaan Greenhouses and horti materials is familiar with all sorts of screens, including screens for climate control, energy saving, or reducing your light emissions. For new or existing buildings, large or small, inside or outside. Thanks to our wide expertise, we can offer tailor-made solutions and provide perfect advice on what best matches your growing.

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Heating systems

Heating system
Is the heating system of your greenhouse due for replacement, or do you want to extend the existing system? We can advise you and install new and used heating installations quickly and competently. Thanks to our efficient working methods and a mix of new and used materials, we are able to offer systems at very competitive prices.

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Climate systems

We have extensive experience in installing climate systems and climate computers. We also work with permanent, certified professionals for installing control systems and electrical systems.

Climate systems
We use refurbished systems that function 100%, but on a friendlier budget than completely new systems.

Climate systems


Lighting systems
Kerklaan is a specialist in lighting systems. We have a large stock of used luminaires. We can install used assimilation lighting in your existing greenhouse and calculate whether this matches the capacity of the existing energy supply. When extending your greenhouse, we can provide advice on the optimum lighting for your plants. Our luminaires are completely refurbished and sold with a warranty.

Completely refurbished
We supply refurbished lighting systems, including a warranty, at attractive prices. The luminaires are fully serviced and ready to fit.

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Growing systems

Are you looking for a growing system? Kerklaan Greenhouses is a specialist in growing systems.

Used gutter grow systems
We have a large stock of gutter grow systems. When installing gutter grow systems, we provide the system with truss and leaf supports for optimum growth.

Used pot cultivation systems
A used pot cultivation system is perfect for flowers grown in a pot.

Used grow table systems
We have fixed and movable used grow table systems in stock. We can also make these systems to order for integration into your current system.

Used growing systems in stock

Buffer tanks

Used buffer tanks
Why go for a new buffer tank if you can get a used one? We provide tailor-made advice on replacing or adding a buffer tank for heat storage.

We integrate the used buffer tank into your current heating system. We have completed a lot of projects where the system had to be linked to an existing heating system. The used buffer tank complies with all requirements that apply to heating systems in horticulture.

We provide

  • transport
  • installation
  • integration
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Water technology

Water technology systems.
Want to replace or expand water technology systems? We have a suitable solution, and a big stock of water technology systems such as water storage systems, water treatment, recirculation, fertilization units and water transport.

Water technology

Concrete floors and paths

Concrete floors
We can restore or replace the concrete floor of your greenhouse quickly and expertly. It is also possible to carry out this work in stages, so that your operations are disrupted as little as possible.

Concrete paths
When extending your greenhouse or installing an internal transport system, we will lay the path to measure and according to the necessary requirements.

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